Saturday, November 12, 2011

As time goes by

Wow. It's been awhile since I updated. Well, Audi is now 5 months old, up to date on all his vaccines, his flea problem is under control and he's scheduled to get the big 'snip' next month.
He's come a long way since that day we brought this frightened little kitten home in a box.

He's gotten bigger, and 'sassier'. I mean, this cat seems to have balls of steel. Quite recently he's taken to climbing up the doorframes. I watched him make it all the way up to the ceiling O_O. So, I cut his nails for the first time, which was an experience. Kevin had to hold him down and I had to clip the nails. He did not enjoy it, and for a few days he was so confused by what happened he didn't use his claws for anything. Now he's right back to climbing the walls again.
He eats everything he can possibly get to, and has even tried pushing Teeka out of the way when she's eating. He's turned into quite a little nutbar, but he's my nutbar <3
He is also starting to get really creepy. The other day he sat down the hallways staring at me for 20 minutes without moving...

He's also developed a habit of humping everything. I'm trying to curb this little 'habit' but he seems determined lol.
We've still got a long way to go, and a lot to learn. Here's lookin' at you, you little fuzzbutt :p

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Audi vs The Television

We don't often have the TV on, so when Audi discovered the great box with sound and moving pictures, he was a little confused as to what it was.
He started by just sitting on the floor, staring it. Then a few times would stand up on his hind legs and try to touch it with his paw.
Finally he tried to become one with the television by leaping up towards it. Unfortunately for him, my TV is very heavy duty and does not accept riders, so he bounced right off.

It's adorable and a little sad at the same time. He'll just sit there staring at it fr several minutes because he cannot figure out what it is.

He's also discovered his reflection, which is also adorable but sad to watch because he cannot figure out what it is.
He's getting a lot better and a little more well behaved. I don't have to constantly watch him and pull him out of things. I make jokes about him being dumb because of how often he slams head first into things, but he seems to be pretty intelligent. He's picking up on boundaries really quickly and is learning what he can and cannot scratch/chew/eat.

Sorry for the short post. Things have been a little busy today. Teeka has an upset tummy and it's cold and raining all day so I've been cleaning a lot XD

Friday, August 5, 2011

Dog meets Cat

So a couple days after we brought Autechre home, we decided to give him and our dog Teeka a good little meeting. Teeka doesn't have a problem with adult cats but I've never actually seen her with a kitten. So I was a little nervous, considering how much smaller he is compared to her. So, out Audi came. He sniffed around a bit then bounced over to Teeka. He seemed to be a little scared of her at first, I'm pretty sure she looked like a giant to him.
They where doing well. Sniffing one another, and Audi seemed to love rubbing all over her. Then suddenly, he bopped Teeka in the nose and ran under the couch. Teeka took off after him which gave me a moment of fear: "...Is she gonna eat him?".
Teeka stood in front of the couch, waiting. Every now and again Autechre would pop his head out like a jack in the box and then go right back in. Then I noticed Teeka started to wag her tail and bounce around a little bit. Everytime he popped out, Teeka would bounce around and paw at the ground in front of him. Then she started to bark. But it wasn't a big girl bark. It sounded almost like a puppy barking.

From that moment on they've been best play buddies. Teeka is not a young dog, and to see her bouncing around, tail wagging and playing with this kitten yet being so gentle towards him is amazing. If she chases him into a corner, she sits down and let's him run again. When she paws at him, she's always very careful and never touches him.
He, on the other hand is a little jerk and enjoys grabbing her tail and bopping her on the nose. Or grabbing her behind. And she doesn't seem to mind one bit. She loves playing with him, and they will hopefully be best buds.

Hopefully, him and our resident grouch Molly will also get along the same way. Or at least tolerate one another :D

Thursday, August 4, 2011


So, I suppose all Blogs needs an introduction post, no? My name is Ashley, and I will be your narrator in this wonderful and possibly scary journey. The journey? Raising a kitten.
For some people, kitten raising really isn't a huge deal. But for my boyfriend and I, it's pretty huge. Yes, we have several other fur kids but they where brought into our lives already full grown and trained. So we've never really raised anything before (except rats but they are another story).
Our fur family consists of one dog, a large mix breed named Teeka; One overweight, cranky old lady cat named Molly and two rat babies named Amani and Paix. And now, it also includes a little ball of fur named Autechre (aka Audi).

We got Audi the same way a lot of people get their kittens: From an add on kijiji. At the time, I wasn't specifically looking for a kitten. I admit, I had kitten fever but I wasn't expecting anything to come from it. I went through a lot of ads, awing and squealing over the pictures. Then one caught my eye. This little white and orange kitten with a striped tail. It was love at first sight. I don't even know what really possessed us to go through with it, but within 2 days we where on our way home with this little kitten inside a cardboard box (I had brought a cat carrier with me but he was so scared I just let him stay where he was).
We went back and forth between names, and finally decided on Autechre (Aw-Tech-Er). He doesn't seem to mind it.
He was pretty quiet the first day, but was also scared. The next day I took him to the vets office and got his first vaccinations done, flea treatment and dewormer and all that good stuff. And then he slowly started showing his true self:

He was slowly going around, investigating everything he could. Getting into everything, eating everything, chewing get the drift.
We've had him for about a week and a half now, and it's occurring to me that raising this little bugger is going to be a much bigger task than I expected.
So, come join us on our adventure of raising the little bugger, I mean Autechre!